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Interested in many things, life generally spent in and out of Hot Soup


We didn't start out to be whoopee walkers, it just kind of snuck up on us. When our children were young and fun, we occasionally took them out of school for whoopee days. Sometimes we had purposeful adventures--others we just cozied it up around the living room eating mooshu chicken and watching Rock N Roll High School . When the kids grew older and less delightful and their being in school seemed a far more attractive option than their being out, we seized our own whoopee time which often took the form of walking through pieces of nearby New England. We'd stick our heads out the window, check the weather, glance at a map, grab a bike, the car keys or a hiking pole and head for a day of outdoors and an innocently on- time return.

We began to follow a willful and wayward path. Every now and again we called into work and said our plane was in late from Paris. On one of these walks we were in the forest when a tree fell. Our shift from casual to purposeful started when we'd escorted the last boy off to four years of sleep away education where he'd be in charge of his own whoopee days. Agreeing that he'd be set free in exchange for a Baccalaureus Artium we started plotting our escape. We've been at it ever since.

As we are often in the UK we focus our walks there because it is a nation passionately dedicated to maintaining an intricate network of trails and paths, plus there's a big ocean between us and home. There are amazing places to walk and gawk. One of us is an enthusiast of Real Ale which often appears at that pub break mid and/or end walk. We always come back plotting the next adventure.

So that's us. If you're reading this, you too may be a whoopee walker. Do you secretly yearn for time spent walking somewhere new? Do you google plane fares at work and sneak a look at what the weather's doing in Melbourne? Have you set your children free? Oh go ahead, write your own excuse slip, cut class and come whoopee walk. Life is short!


writing, walking, learning, checking the weather on -line, walking places other than downtown, being upgraded on my next flight, admiring trees, adventuring with our children and their children, being paid to walk around and look at things, riding my pony through trails and fields...generally curious.